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Rapid, Secure, Scalable, Risk Mitigated, Identity Federation

Guy has poured all his 20 plus years of identity experience into creating materials that standardize identity federation deployments. He’s doing what he’s done before with his teams i.e. creating cookbook type standards, business and technical processes. He offers the following:

3-day Workshop
Aimed at senior legal, business and IT managers it provides the following deliverables:

  • Review:
    • Identity, credential and session assurance
    • Review of OpenID Connect, SAML and User Managed Access and best practices for deployment
    • Risks and liabilities from assurance, federation, SAML, OpenID Connect, User Managed Access and operationally being legally tied to other federation partners
  • Sample:
    • Target architecture
    • Contents for federation legal appendixes
    • Follow the electron charts showing points for potential attack vectors and monitoring
    • Standardized ops and technical processes required in legal agreement appendices
    • Questionnaires to use with your federation partners
    • Relying party guides
    • Enterprise federation RACI
    • Federation lifecycle chart

Consulting Services
Works with consulting partners offering consulting services to help an enterprise rapidly and securely create and maintain identity federation infrastructure on their own.



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